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After activating you should be do

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Sign in

First step- enter the system with default email and password. By going to setting edit your information and enter email one and choose a password. Email-    Password: admin123

Change information

Go to manage company and enter your business information and save it.

Attention-the company name will be shown on the bill and main page.
Attention- the currency shows what kind of money you use.
Attention- the product deficiency warning informs you about the size of products you have
Attention-timeout alarm Expiry date shows the expire date of each product.
Attention- in the Description you can write the motto of the company that will be shown on the bill.
Attention-You can tick the Public Register if you want the customers to see the products, prices and expiration dates.
Attention- In this system we have defined 5 accesses.
Attention- We have made groups of administration, branch, cashier, employee and customer. We suggest not to edit them. Just edit the accesses.
Attention- don’t make a new group. The system won’t answer groups other than these.

Manage Groups

Administration – are system administrators, who can have all the authority and can restrict access

Branch– they are the agents and can define employee and Customer.

Cashier– they are the sellers which can sell the products with limited access.

Employee– they are members of staff and their access is changeable.

Customer– they are the customers which can enter their name and agency, then see the products and buy them.

To edit the access of these groups you can enter the action part and edit the access and save it.
Make accounts for your member of staff and who cooperates with you.

Manage Users

To make account go to the manage users and click on add user. In the new page you can add members.To manage your staff, you can go to the manage users and edit,activate or inactivate them.

Attention- to inactive, you can click on activation. The green color shows active and the red color shows inactive ones.
Attention- if you want to delete a staff in a case that she/ he has been added products; it’s better not to delete.
We will use the title Knowledge Base throughout this guide, so please remember to replace it with any title you’ve selected.

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