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How to specify group access

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on and off

You will first enter your control panel.  You will be taken to the Manage Groups page by visiting the Manage access menu.

In the Select Group section, select the group you want to restrict or restrict access to.

In the Select page direct section, you can specify which group will be redirected to each page,  When entering the system.

 You can use up to 4 options beside each section –

View – Allows the user to view information in it.

Add– Allows the user to add new information there.

Edit -Allows the user to edit the information entered there.

Delete – Allows the user to delete the information entered there.

To increase or decrease the options for each part, turn it on or off.

After specifying access, you must click on Save changes to save the changes.

Changes made for each group to see the changes must be logged out and re-entered.

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