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how to new user registration

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Add User

Firstly, you will enter your control panel.  Visit the menu User Manager, you will be logged into the new user build page.

Click Add User.  In the new window, which opens for you, you can enter user information. 

User type – In this section, select the access you have already made –

Email address – Here you enter the user’s email address so you can retrieve your password if you forget your password..

password – Enter the password here.  For more security, use numbers, capital and small letters and symbols.  Must not be less than 8 characters.

retype-password – Re-type the password here to ensure that the password is correct.

After filling in the required credentials, click Register to create the user.

Edit User

After creating a new user, if you want to edit the imported information, click on the Edit icon in the Actions section and save it after editing.

User disable

If the user has stopped working with your lab after a while, you do not need to delete the user – you can disable that user – because the system’s factors and activities are registered with the same name and should not be deleted.

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