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How to buy a system online?

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Create an account

You can enter into the website,, and create an account; then buy the storage management system via PayPal and MasterCard account. We will illustrate this procedure. Please follow us.

After entering to the Themeforest. The first step that is you should be create an account. So, click on sign in and go to the page named to create account.

Enter your name in the field of first name and last name, and the name you want to be shown in the field of username. Enter your Email correctly, because you will need it sometimes. Make a password and then click on the field of policy site  (I agree with the Envato privacy policy), I am not a robot and create an account. Enter your email and activate your account link.

After creating the account, you must activate your link in the email

Add to cart

After activating your account, you can enter the site. Search the (Inventory – Responsive for Inventory :AdminLTE CRM) add it to your shopping cart.

You can choose one year supporting and click on add it to cart.

Go to checkout

Then click on go to checkout to enter the shopping cart page.

In this page you complete the shopping and continuity by clicking on the secure checkout.

Payment method

In the next page, you enter the payment information. In the field of select payment method you can use 3 different ways (skrill- PayPal- Master Card).

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