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Getting license for your system

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For getting license you must sign in and enter your requests, recommendations and complaints. So, they can help you to get the best answer.

Create account

To sign in, enter our main site and click on create account to enter the page.


In the first step enter your username and valid email address. Then repeat the email and add your first and last name. Also enter your password and repeat it. After doing all of these, click on register.

Attention- all the fields are required and it’s better to enter your real email.

Confirm email address

a link will be send to your email address. For activating your account click on it. After that you can enter your account.


All your accounts are unknown and for confirmation you must click on account setting and enter the page and then click on verification and enter the needed information. Our team will check it in 24 hours and confirm your account.

Attention- all the requirements are in the checking process and will be confirmed after 24 hours.
Attention- all the information must be entered correctly or your account will remain inactive .

Sent a ticket

After sending a request for an account verification, you should be submit a ticket through your account (it\’s caused to be faster activate your account). After checking and confirming, you will receive the same special license ticket for activation your system

Attention- unconfirmed accounts won’t get support .
Attention- please after activating your system take a backup. And if a problem happened use it.
Attention- for moving system, you will need to buy a new license and the first one won’t work.

Receiving a license

Account charging. Your account will be charged $ 70 after confirmation.  So you can create your own license.

Create license . After receiving $ 70, click on the licenses menu – on the new page, click on New license –

on the new page, the amount for the license is $ 70 – which is ready to be registered and does not need to be edited.  Click to create license.

After making it, it will enter to the All licenses page, where you will see the license page that you have created – copy it and refer to the link of your system. 

Place the license in the requested field and click Confirm –

Congratulations, your system has been successfully activated.

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